We’re among you

Any time there’s a suicide attempt by a celebrity a flurry of media coverage ensues. There’s been plenty of coverage of the death by suicide of actor, Robin Williams. Much of it has been sensitive and responsible, much of it hasn’t. The American Association of Suicidology has media recommendations for reporting on suicide that can …

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Sterling to Steel

Audio of a speech I delivered at the Americas Guide Dog conference in March. Possibly my favorite audience!    

On the Shelf!

“Hello, my name is Sue Martin. I’ve just published a book and I’d like to show it to you.” Thus began my conversation with Deb Taylor, the buyer of books for Sherman’s, in Bar Harbor, Maine. I’m pretty sure that Deb hears that with some regularity, but she agreed and asked me to come to …

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Plot Twist!

In March, the guide dog affiliate of the American Council of the Blind, asked me to speak at their convention in Columbus, Ohio on July 9th. They wanted to hear about my life and my book. How cool was this? As soon as I realized that my hobby of writing might actually produce a book, …

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Guest blog post on Beth Finke’s Safe and Sound blog

Today’s post is a guest blog post on Beth Finke’s Safe and Sound blog. Beth had the winning bid on a JAWS training package that I placed in The Seeing Eye fund raising auction earlier this year. It’s been wonderful working with Beth. I’ve really enjoyed our lessons together. Thanks, Beth, both for the opportunity …

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