Why Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane?

For Immediate Release August 29, 2015 For Information Contact David Lamb: 205.602.1984 WHEN: Saturday, August 29th at noon Sue Martin and Kat Lawson are choosing to take on this daring mission because they want to draw attention to suicide prevention and lived suicide experiences. Both are survivors of suicide attempts and recognize that lives …

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Where It All Began

For folks who’ve elected to be notified by email when I post to my blog, I’ve sorta moved my blog. I’ll continue to post here occasionally but the majority of my blogging will be on my new site. One of these days I’ll figure out how to copy subscribers from this blog to that one. …

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I’m *back*!

I start a new email message. I agonize over the addressees. Should I include my boss? Should the lead developer and the contractual developer both receive it? Come to think of it am I even supposed to communicate directly with a contractor? Subject field. Thinking carefully I make several typos just getting a five word …

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That All May Read

    “Touring the National Library Service   One of the first things that was restored to me following the loss of my eyesight was the ability to read. I was still in the hospital when the talking book player from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, NLS, arrived. The taped …

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We’re among you

Any time there’s a suicide attempt by a celebrity a flurry of media coverage ensues. There’s been plenty of coverage of the death by suicide of actor, Robin Williams. Much of it has been sensitive and responsible, much of it hasn’t. The American Association of Suicidology has media recommendations for reporting on suicide that can …

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Suicide Prevention Interview

Audio   Transcript   Viewpoint, An interview with Rob Conrad broadcast by Magic 96.5, Birmingham, Alabama on July 20, 2014 Rob Conrad interviews Sue Martin   [Music] You’re listening to Viewpoint Alabama, a public affairs program from the Alabama Radio Network RC: Welcome to Viewpoint. My name is Rob Conrad and our special guest today …

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Sterling to Steel

Audio of a speech I delivered at the Americas Guide Dog conference in March. Possibly my favorite audience!    

In the News

Woman who survived suicide attempt now on a mission to prevent suicides: This interview with Sherri Jackson, the anchor of CBS 42 in Birmingham aired Friday night. Sherri did a fabulous job with the interview. There’s footage of a talk I delivered to a group called AWARE. The group is a grass roots organization …

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