The first hundred pages of Out of the Whirlpool, from the stunning, candid account of her suicide attempt to her finding the road to recovery– are about as riveting as anything I’ve read in the past few years.

This book could truly make a life-or-death difference to some readers, and enlighten many more.

Keith Thomson

Author of Once A Spy; Twice A Spy; Seven Grams of Lead


Resilience, strength, hope, courage, LIVING

In Out of the Whirlpool, Sue Martin takes readers through the darkest days of her journey where she felt life was no longer worth living. She recounts her journey from the pivotal moment when she tried to end her life  through her recovery and adaptation to a new life, a life with blindness. Is it possible to reconnect with nature, adventure, and ambition? Can one attempt suicide and subsequently battle other potentially lethal mental health issues? The answer is a resounding , “yes.”

Out of the Whirlpool is a roller coaster ride that captures what an amazing adventure life can be with the right attitude, support, and hard work. By sharing her incredible story of survival and hope, Sue is an invaluable ambassador for those who may be struggling to create a life worth living.

Woven into this amazing story of resilience is the story of the author’s four Seeing Eye dogs, a heart-Warming story in itself.

Dr. William M. Schmitz Jr.

Past-President, American Association of Suicidology
Clinical Psychologist
VA Outpatient Clinic


When I got to the end of Chapter one ,

There was no turning back. Immediately captivated, I couldn’t stop reading.

Over the next two-and-a-half days, I selfishly only put the book down for necessities – you know, like feeding and caring for that pesky thing called a family. Admittedly, I wasn’t going to win mother of the year award (or wife of the year for that matter) that weekend! I was so intrigued – I curiously didn’t know if I was going to cry, or laugh, or just feel contented as each chapter began and ended.

I felt right there alongside the author through every step.

Pauline Anacki Damery

Freedom Scientific, Inc.
Trade Show Manager


A superb resource for the newly blind and blind rehab professionals. Martin’s book gets better and better as it progresses, ending as a book I would recommend as an excellent guide for any and all newly blind persons. Martin does a remarkable job of presenting rehab skills the way they should be learned and applied. That, along with her personal adjustment to life as a blind person is very graphic and real.  It is like the reader is blind going through each experience. Even for someone like myself with vast blind rehab experience, her clear prose sheds light and love on how a newly blind person can learn to live with blindness

Steve Ehrnst

Low Vision Supervisor, Retired
Southeastern Blind Rehab. Center
United States Department of Veterans Affairs