The Birth of a Book




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First try at writing my story


Wrote my own rehab story

February 2012

Started blogging at

Sue’s Early Writings

February 2012

First web publication/guest blog on

“Why Be Married? For the Intimacy”

Why Be Married? For the Intimacy

March 2012

Started my website

April 2012

“Why Be Married? For the Miracle of Love and Life”

Guest blog post on

April 2012

First Blog Review of my Website, “ A Valuable Resource for Those Wanting to Learn About Blindness.”

“Fred’s Head,” the blog site for the American Printing House for the Blind. Written by Terrie Terlau, PhD & Adult Life Project Leader

American Printing House for the Blind

June 2012

“Out of the Whirlpool: The Story of a Suicide Survivor

& the Rebuilding of a Life.”

Blog post, Vision Aware


July 2012

Jonathan Mosen speaks with Sue Martin: “Blinded as the result of a suicide attempt, Sue put her life back together to become a successful professional. In an attempt to help others, she has begun writing about her life experiences.”

Freedom Scientific Pod Cast #68

August 2012

“Putting Life Back Together”

Guest blog post for Beth Finke

Putting A Life Back Together

September 2012

Climbing ‘Out of the Whirlpool’

Guest blog post originally posted on the

Veterans Health Administration internal blog


September 2012

Speaking Engagement at The Iris Network

Portland, Maine

@ 10 attendees

September 2012

Speaking Engagement at Career Center

Bangor, Maine

@ 25 attendees

September 2012

“Reading about Sue Martin”

Blog post on suicide attempt survivor site

Reading About Sue Martin

October 2012

Speaking Engagement at Center for the Visually Impaired, CVI, Atlanta

@ 30 Attendees

October, 2012

Speaking Engagement, “Peak Experiences with our Dogs” Georgia Guide Dog Users, Atlanta, Georgia

@ 25 Attendees

November 2012

Speaking Engagement Northeast Regional Conference of the Association of the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired

Providence, Rhode Island

@ 65 attendees

January, 2013

Peak Experiences, Top Dog 2013

Savanah, georgia

Top Dog Workshop

@ 65 attendees

January, 2013

Banquet speaker, Top Dog, 2013

Savanah, Georgia?

Top Dog Workshop

@ 90 attendees

April, 2013

Blog post book review

“A Great New Book on How to Survive Tough Breaks”

June, 2013

“My life is better than I ever dreamed”

Guest blog post on attempt survivor blog of American Association of Suicidology

June, 2013

June, 2013

“Talking with Sue Martin”

Interview on net radio program, Talking About Suicide

Talking with Sue Martin

March  & June 2013

Sue’s tribute to her father, a blog posted on Peer Perspectives

 Dr. Wiygul, Ophthamologist

June, 2013

Announcement of my book on Vision Aware

July, 2013

Speaking Engagement, “Sterling to steel,” Banquet speaker for GDUI at ACB National Convention, 2013

Speech: “Sterling To Steel”

@90 Attendees

July, 2013

Author panel, ACB 2013 convention

@50 Attendees

September, 2013

You and your guide dog conference call

Sterling to steel

September, 2013

Guest blog post published on Vantage Point

Official blog of the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Step-by-step:  Rebuilding A Life After A Suicide Attempt

September, 2013

SeroTalk Podcast 169: Space Gray Is the New Black

October, 2013

Blog book review: “Sue Martin’s ‘Out of

The Whirlpool’– A Must Read”, the AI Squared blog

A Must Read

November, 2013

Added to list of speakers who have survived a suicide attempt by the American Association of Suicidology

List of Speakers — “Suicide Attempt Survivor Experts”

November, 2013

Delivered Sterling to Steel at Augusta VA medical center

@85 Attendees

November, 2013

The Tech Doctor podcast

The Tech Doctor

December, 2013

AER O&M Conference 2013

O&M Conference